Tuesday, 3 March 2015

What I am loving this week...

Pretty Little Liars
After I finished Gossip Girl I had a huge gap in my life! This has now been filled with the delights of Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer! Addicted already. 

My New Specs
I finally got round to making an opticians appointment. I thought I would treat myself to some new frames but that proved more difficult than I thought especially seen as Specsavers do 2 for 1. I went for these Roxy ones and also some Karl Lagerfeld frames.

Soap and Glory Hand Food
My current hand cream crush is Hand Food. Classic!

H&M Gym Wear
Since I have upped my gym game I thought I would treat myself to some new gear. I am loving the range H&M have at the moment and so reasonably priced too. 

Easter Goodies
Although I have given up chocolate for lent (crazy, I know), I love seeing all the Easter stuff come into the shops. Also means my birthday is getting closer!

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