Monday, 12 January 2015

Where to go on holiday?

I always feel a bit lost when I don’t have any holidays booked.

I need something to look forward to and plan, even if I have months to wait.

We are hoping to get something booked for the end of the year or maybe the start of next (depending on savings!)

Now all we need to do is decide where to go! It is so hard to pick when you want to go everywhere!

Here is our shortlist:


I have heard so much about Bali recently. The photographs of the beaches are enough to get you to visit before you even get started on the culture and the temples.

I haven’t ever been that far before (the furthest we have traveled is to Thailand last year) so I would love to get out there.

New York

We have been to New York before but I would love to go back and do less 'touristy' things now we have seen all the sights. We didn't have much time around Greenwich Village and I would like to have a morning wondering around Central Park. Oh and of course check out some of the restaurants!


Mexico has been on our radar for a year or so now. I think I would place this last out of the three, whereas Peter puts it at a 'Can we go now?' We LOVE Mexican food and although the beaches look amazing the high rise hotels put me off a bit. But obviously not enough to say no completely. 

I hope we can get something booked soon so I can start browsing at bikinis! 

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