Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What I am loving this week...

Yankee Candle - Christmas Memories
Peter bought me this candle for Christmas and now I can't stop lighting it. It is such a warming, homely smell.

Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush
I had never really heard of this before, I tend to stick to my staple perfumes but my parents bought me it for Christmas and now I am using it nearly every day! I could do with an every day perfume for work though so I don't use all of this before February, any recommendations? 

Paperchase Diary
I treated myself to this diary on Christmas Eve. I love sitting down with a coffee and writing in all the plans I have for the new year. Especially after Christmas when you are feeling a bit blue. 

Gossip Girl
I am currently a bit obsessed with Gossip Girl at the moment. Every spare hour I get, I seem to be sloping off to the sofa to squeeze another episode in! I definitely need to be a bit more Blair Waldorf!

River Island Boots
These are my go to boot at the moment. They are actually really comfy and go with loads of outfits. Definitely one of the best buys of December.  

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