Monday, 19 January 2015

Slimming World Round 2

So today is the day. I’m going on a diet.

I have been eating healthy and having treats in moderation for the past few months which has worked, but I have now well and truly fallen off the band wagon!

I can’t seem to get my head back into it and the treats on a weekend have now turned into treats every night.

So I am going to start Slimming World again. I did it in 2012 to lose weight for my Wedding and I absolutely loved it. I am going to try it on my own at home first and then join my nearest group (when I pluck up the courage)

For those of you don’t know how it works,  in brief you basically choose from a list of 'free foods' which are selected for being healthy and making people feel full faster and for longer. These include fruit and vegetables, pasta, rice, potatoes, eggs, lean meat and fish, which you can have in unlimited amounts. You then have up to 15 ‘Syns’ a day for your treats such as crisps and chocolates and an allowance of ‘Healthy Extras’ A and B which include cereals and milks etc.

It’s not so much  a diet as you can have anything you want really.

I am going to the gym at least 3 times a week too to tone up so that will also give me motivation.

I don’t know whether to get weighed or not – I have no idea what it will say and I don’t want it to upset me. I might go for a week or so and then maybe step on!

So I am well stocked up today with lots of fruit and a HUGE mackerel salad for my lunch - which I can't stop thinking about!

This is me on 7th February lat year before my holiday to Thailand. I was happy and confident so I am going to use this as my inspiration. 

With 166 days until I am a bridesmaid I am going for it!

Any motivation is always welcome! 
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