Thursday, 22 January 2015

My week in pictures...

I've discovered that when you are saving money and trying to be healthy, there isn't a whole lot of exciting things you do - especially through the week. 

Here are a few pictures from my week so far.

30 day shred is by far my favourite work out. It could be down to it only been 20 minutes long....
You do feel like you've had a brilliant work out though, I definitely recommend it.

Seen as I am being healthy and can’t eat a tub of Celebrations for supper, I have been treating myself to some bubble baths this week and having a bit of a pamper. How amazing is the Snow Fairy shower gel!?

There is nothing like cuddling down in front of the TV with a cup of tea after a day at work.

Look at little Bailey wanting in on the action in the background.

As I said on Monday I am now on Slimming World. My Mum gave me this magazine to browse through, it has got some really good recipes and I love reading through the success stories

I had a little break from the Game of Thrones books (they are quite intense!) but I am now back to it. I am hoping I can get them finished before the TV series starts again.


Molton Brown Coco and Sandalwood – in love!

I am going to Peter's parents for an 80's retro party on Saturday. 

Head scarf at the ready!
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