Sunday, 14 December 2014

Leeds Christkindlmarkt

Every year, the Chriskindlmarkt comes to Millennium Square in Leeds City Centre.

We pull on our hats and gloves and get ready for a day of mulled wine, pretzels and frankfurters.

We have carved a tradition in recent years that both Peter's parents and my own all go together and have good knee's up. Which we did! But we went on a Saturday afternoon and although we had a very merry time, it was just a bit too busy to take it all in and have a nosy at all the bits and pieces on the stalls. So last Monday Peter and I took the day off and decided to make good use of it and have a re-visit!

The stalls are all different and have lots of handmade gifts and decorations on show.

This is a honey stall, I never knew they were honey candles!

Row and rows of Christmas ornaments and baubles.

Peter lets me choose a bauble from this stall each year. We are collecting quite nice collection on the tree now. 

I don't know why, but I am really don't want to buy a box of generic decorations from a high street shop. Our Christmas tree does look a tad on the bald side but it will soon be full of lots of different decorations and memories too!

How cute are these carousels?! I think they are so cute and would look lovely on mantel piece.

After all the meandering we were definitely ready for a bite to eat. Peter made a bee line for the sausages whereas I, always the sweet tooth, was eyeing up the crepes and chocolate strawberries!

I have never noticed this stall in previous years but I was in total awe at all the different flavour almonds! I definitely recommend the Baileys flavour! 

They have a stall just for chocolate covered marshmallows. 

After another nosy round I was ready to warm up in one of the tents with a Baileys hot chocolate and look at all the little treats I had bought.

It was a day off well spent!
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