Thursday, 9 October 2014

Guinness Galore in Dublin

So this weekend was my company’s 5th anniversary and we all flew over to Dublin, partners in tow, to celebrate.

I was planning on doing a few really detailed posts while I was there, maybe one on the history of Dublin, the old pubs, what we did, what I saw.  As soon as the Guinness arrived that all went out the window!

I do have a few photographs of the city that I took in between pubs, but I was a little disappointed in my lack of pics. I suppose that just means I was having such a good time I didn’t have time for whipping my camera out (or my head was just too fuzzy to even think about it!)

I have just about recovered after the 2 day affair. I am now on a strict cleanse to make me feel a little more Green tea and a lot less Irish Coffee!

I will be sure to be sure to take more pics and learn more next time I go!

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