Monday, 15 September 2014

Guinness Night

In a few weeks the company I work for is taking us to Dublin to celebrate their 5 year anniversary. We are all super excited, but then me and my two work friends quickly realised that we had NEVER tried Guinness and didn't know if we even liked it.

Guinness night was then planned. And then Almost Famous opened in Leeds. 2 birds with one stone and all that. (I really hate that saying!)

If you fancy a big fat American burger then this is the place! oh and the fries.....the fries...

We then had a walk over to O'Neills. I have been told this is the best Guinness you will get outside Dublin so.... we gave it a whirl!

I haven’t had internet at home for a while now so this is just a quick post on my lunch break to just catch up. I feel I am being a really poor blogger recently and I am not happy about it!

Triple Nom Burger

I love this sweetie table!

And the first Guinness I have ever had!

Does anyone have any recommendations for me while I am in Dublin? I have never been to Ireland before.
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