Monday, 1 September 2014

First look at blogging

As you can tell, I have only been doing this blog for a month or so. Although it is slow going, I am very much enjoying jotting down my thoughts, little wishlists, checking out new blogs and the whole blogging world that comes with it.

Mainly because I am nosey and I like reading all the lifestyle blogs and seeing what everybody is up to! But also to get inspiration and expand my knowledge and opinions in different aspects  of…well life!

I have been a ‘silent reader’ for a number of years on several blogs. I don’t know why I never commented – I probably felt like I had nothing new to say or no one would be bothered. I am now making more effort to comment on the blogs that I love, I am pretty sure that they will like to hear it, I know I would!

The blogs I read are always one's that make me smile, make me feel good about myself and also that I can relate to as well. Finding someone that drinks a gallon of tea whilst reading Game of Thrones on a Saturday night makes me feel a little less boring!

I have also discovered that I am not as keen on blogs that bring people down and are negative.

In my opinion:
If she wants to wear a dress that shows her cleavage and her boobs - good for her!
If she has had an amazing opportunity to bring out her own range - brilliant, fantastic news!
If they have named their Daughter after a fruit you can find down the reduced aisle of Aldi - so what!?

It's their life after all.
I guess my Mamma was right, sometimes it's down to jealousy.

But then again who am I to judge, its up to them what they want to blog about!


I am a firm believer of positivity breeds positivity and I will carry on sending out my happy vibes the best I can! 

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