Tuesday, 30 September 2014

ASOS Wishlist

Saving for a house and a holiday is so hard. A girl can dream though..

A. ASOS Paisley Swing Dress.  I love the colours in this dress, so autumny and warm. With some swing dresses I have tried they tend to make me look a lot  bigger than I actually am! I am feeling positive with this one though.

B. ASOS Boyfriend Shirt. Seen as though I am in my work clothes more than I am in any other clothes, I think I need to re vamp my work attire. I saw this simple shirt and wondered why I haven’t got anything similar. It will go with most things and I will definitely get my wear out of it.

C. ASOS Part time Lover Pointed High Heels I really like these, they look so classy. They maybe a little too high for work though!

D. The Elements Striped Tunic Dress. My friend has bought this dress and it looks fab. She said it's really comfy too. The sleeves are really detailed and it does look lovely. 
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