Thursday, 28 August 2014

Beauty Wish List

I am having a bit of a beauty overhaul at the moment. I realise I wear a lot of the same stuff and stick to what I know. 

So I have been trying new products over the past few weeks.

Here are a few I am lusting over at the moment:

Illamasqua Complement Palette

I discovered Illamasqua last month and I am totally in love...with everything they sell. I have been after a new palette for a while now. I have my trusted Bobbi Brown neutral one but I love the colours in this Illamasqua set especially with the colder weather coming in. Oh and look - its in the sale!

MAC Lipstick 

My current staple lipsticks are a bit...bold for everyday work in an office. I have been looking for a Rosey coloured tint and I saw this MAC Lipstick in the colour 'Please Me' which has taken my fancy.

Estee Lauder Foundation Brush 

I have heard a lot about the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation and then I read the review by the lovely Annabel over at Mascara and Maltesers and went and bought it the very next day. It is THE best. The only thing is the application. I am sorry to say I am still using the dreaded sponge...which is fine for some, but my sponge is now more like a rag! I think I may need to up my game and get this foundation brush. 

Liz Earle Moisturiser 

I REALLY need a good moisturiser. I have purchased my cleanser and toner from Liz Earle recently and I love it, so thought I would give this a whirl.

Have you any tips for me in the mositurier department or have you used a Liz Earle one before?

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